Welcome to the Club...

HOA Board of Directors and Officers:

President (OPEN): E-mail

Vice President (Linda Johnston): E-mail

Secretary (Tia Creamer): E-mail

Treasurer (Steve Greenfield): E-mail

At Large Member (Tom Dougherty): E-mail

At Large Member (Steve Lyons): E-mail


Committee Members & Contacts:

Architectural Control Committee:

Gary Hughes, Chair - E-mail

Dave Humphries

Robert Shaw (Resource Only)

Ken Loden (Resource Only)

Security Committee:

Ken Loden, Chair - E-mail

Gary Knowls
Co-Chair - E-mail

Clubhouse/Social Committee:

Diane Pearson & Sara Shaw, Co-Chairs - Email

Sandra Kappas

Kay Deardorff

Candy Hutchins

Nina Walker

Mary Lou Dougherty

Carole Greenfield

Judy Galvin

Suzy Cremer

Sandi King ‐ Member Directory

Landscape Committee:

Gail Stearns, Chair - E-mail

Bob Kappas

Asset Management Committee:

Rich Porter, Chair - E-mail

Nick Hanna

Tom Dougherty

Legal/Special Projects:

Max Deardorff, Chair - E-mail

Dave Humphries

Robert Shaw

Website Committee

Tia Creamer, Chair - E-mail

Finance Committee:

Robert Shaw, Chair - E-mail

Ed Canaday

Pool Committee:

Jeff and Tia Creamer, Chairs - E-mail

Max Deardorff

Nick Hanna

Lee Ridenhour

Mary Lou Dougherty

Jerry Williams

Nominating Committee - Linda Johnston, Chair - E-mail